We have been delighted to have the support of NatWest Branch in Marlow

  • NatWest Marlow is a long-term supporter of MMDF
  • Branch Manager, Neville Joseph and the team at the Marlow Branch offered great support during a Community Initiative in NatWest
  • MMDF and also Marlow Bridge Rotary Club (MBRC) were kindly given the opportunity to have an overall display in the branch
  • Apart from profiling MMDF and MBRC and providing information, the branch’s customers also had the opportunity to make donations to both MMDF and MBRC
  • The profiling is a super benefit in many ways for MMDF and the various other community projects run by MBRC

Dementia Friends Information Sessions

  • The NatWest Marlow branch staff have also had the benefit of becoming Dementia Friends through attending Dementia Friends Information Sessions
  • MMDF holds FREE Dementia Friends Online Sessions each month and our next session is on Wednesday 15 December at 5:30pm
  • We would be delighted if you could attend a session – they only last about 45 minutes and are being held on Zoom.
  • For details on dates available and how to book please go to MMDF Events 
  • Local businesses and organisations…. MMDF can run a FREE Dementia Friends Information Session for your staff/members as a group – please contact us to find out more…

If you would like to help with our various community projects in Marlow and the local area, please Contact us